Discover actionable insights

Millions of unique features help you understand what's most important to your business. Uncover where to focus efforts based on our data and yours.


Any company can become a data-driven company

Data at the heart

Utilize thousands of unique attributes about the people living in an area, all the way down to the zip level.

Machine learning

Combine any number of features to gain new insights or to fine tune your exploration.

Uncover trends

All variables have associated historical data so that we can see trends and predict future changes.

What is

Defer is a data science platform that combines our data and yours to make it easy to use one of our end-to-end insight engines, engineered for the enterprise.


Visualize the data we use to give you powerful insights. All data is kept up to data so we can provide the most accurate results.


Select any number of features relevant to your business for our machine learning algorithms to find the areas that best match what you are looking for.

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By understanding the past, we can predict the future. Using a collection of timeseries that capture the pulse of an area of interest, we can accurately predict what will happen next.

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How will you use

What's your use case?


Rank prospective customers

Find those most likely to convert to customers. Rankings are automatically updated and available within the platform you are already comfortable with.


Better understand your business

Integrating with your sales data, we understand where business is good, and where it's not. We then give intelligent insights on how to improve.


Find new and interested markets

Combining a number of features that narrow down your target audience, we find markets with customers that will want to buy your product or service.

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