Explore empowers users to visualize and transform geographic datasets

Explore let's you access to a wide range of datasets: from demographics to COVID-19. Transform the data in a number of ways to uncover new insights previously unseen.

Full-featured platform

Ease of use at the heart

Rapidly experiment with modern tools and clean visualizations. Using's platform means less time spent looking for data, cleaning, and transforming it. More time to focus on meeting your goals.

See the trend

With each dataset comes the past trend. Knowing how a certain value came to be is key in understanding where that value is going next. Knowing how the data has changed in the past allows for prediction of how it will be in the future.

Get the bigger picture

Depending on availability, datasets a fine-grained down the the Zip Code level. Starting at the national level, narrow your exploration down all the way to the Zip code level.

Take action

Our products are all about discovering actionable insights. After finding what you're looking for, more on it and make your vision a reality.

Always improving

Past, present and future proof

Explore is moving quickly. Our groundbreaking platform improves every day and helps your business optimize.

Built for the enterprise

Backend infrastructure that scales with your business

Run as many experiments as you can come up with. Every month you are allotted compute credits to run experiments. You can then access those experiments at any time.

What will you discover?

Explore the data