Forecasting takes advantage of our massive datastore to produce accurate forecasts

Every percent counts. Forecasting takes advantage of our vast collection of datasets to automatically find relevant regresors to forecast your data with unparalleled accuracy.

Full-featured platform

Ease of use at the heart

Rapidly experiment with modern tools and clean visualizations. Using's platform means less time spent looking for data, cleaning, and transforming it. More time to focus on meeting your goals.

Get results that matter to you

Our machine learning infrastructure lets us continually train thousands of models every day, including models customized for your business. Forecasting’s algorithms search millions of internal data to find the predictors that matter.

Machine learning that works

Forecasting helps predict timeseries for any type of business using machine learning and statistical method that best work for your data. We'll find you the best results, you just give us the data and some helpful metadata.

Strength in numbers

By learning from millions of trends covering the economy, environment, health, and demographics, Forecasting can find the external trends that have an effect on your data.

How will you adapt?

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